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The Survey Process for Corrections and Detentions Accreditation

Man in suit shows doctors a chart

An IMQ survey generally lasts one to three days, depending on the facility’s size, the number of sites visited, and the services provided. A one-day survey usually begins at 8:00 AM with a brief meeting and a tour of the facility. A list of materials to be available to the survey team for review will be sent to the facility prior to the survey. The survey team will review requested documentation and interview key custody and health care personnel, as well as inmates/detainees. Surveyors will also audit health records and inspect clinic areas, medication rooms, housing units, safety and sobering cells, the medical housing unit or infirmary (if applicable), and food service areas. A final meeting at the end of the day gives the surveyors an opportunity to present findings for discussion and clarification. The survey team’s role is to report its findings to the Corrections and Detentions Health Care Committee. No accreditation decision is given at the survey’s end.

The survey focuses on six major areas:

  • Administration
  • Personnel
  • Care and treatment
  • Medication management
  • Health care records
  • Legal and ethical issues

Remember, all applicable state regulations and specific professional practice standards must be met in order to obtain accreditation.