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Deciding on Reaccreditation for CME

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After completing the survey, the surveyor submits his or her findings to the Committee for Continuing Medical Education who typically renders one of the following decisions:

  • Continued Accreditation:  A four-year accreditation term based on compliance with Criteria 1 to 15 and all accreditation policies. Continued accreditation may include a requirement for an interim report to remedy areas found to be in non-compliance.
  • Accreditation with Commendation: A six-year accreditation term based on compliance with Criteria 1 to 22 and all accreditation policies.
  • Probation: Applies when an organization’s application and activity files demonstrate significant noncompliance either at the time of reaccreditation or upon submission of an interim report.
  • Non-accreditation: Applies when an organization is unable to demonstrate compliance through interim reports or the accreditation process reveals an egregious violation of the Standards of Commercial SupportSM.

Late Submissions or Extensions

Accredited providers are expected to meet all of the due dates outlined in their notification for reaccreditation or interim reports. If a provider is unable to submit the requested information in time, the provider may request a one-time extension for their accreditation period. An extension must be approved by the IMQ before the expiration of their accreditation period, and the organization must pay an extension fee.

For more information about late submissions or extensions, contact:
Heather Miller
Continuing Medical Education Program Administrator
Phone: 415.882.5182
Email: Click Here

Sample Templates and Examples of Compliant Documents

One benefit of IMQ accreditation is access to a variety of planning forms, sample templates and copies of real provider examples to assist you in the planning of your activities.