About Us

Hi everyone! We’re Orson Goodwin and Doran Matthews, two music enthusiasts who turned our love for music into a career. Welcome to IMQ, your go-to guide for the latest music trends, cultural explorations, and artist insights. Orson writes about Music Industry Insights, Events, and Education, keeping you updated on the latest trends and happenings. Doran focuses on Cultural Explorations and Artist Focus, diving into the cultural aspects of music and highlighting artists’ stories and contributions.

Let’s explore the world of music together!

Our Story

We’ve always loved music. Now, we write about it for a living. We’ve got a knack for spotting new music trends and explaining them in a way that’s easy to get. When we’re not writing, we’re hanging out with DJ friends in the studio, always on the lookout for the next big sound.

We’ve been friends since high school, where we ran a small music studio and made electronic music. Now, we write about music for IMQ. Our background in music production helps us bring a unique angle to our articles. We love sharing our knowledge and passion with our readers.

What We Do

Orson writes about Music Industry Insights and Events and Education. He keeps you updated on the latest trends, events, and educational topics in the music world.

Doran focuses on Cultural Explorations and Artist Focus. He dives into the cultural aspects of music and highlights artists, sharing their stories and contributions to the music scene.

How We Got Started

Our story began in high school when we discovered our shared passion for creating music. We started a small studio and experimented with electronic sounds. Today, we use that experience to write engaging and insightful articles for IMQ.

What Makes IMQ Special

We’re not just writers; we’re music enthusiasts who live and breathe music. Here’s what we offer:

  • Cool analyses of the latest music trends
  • Insights into music production
  • Reviews of new and classic tracks
  • Interviews with music pros
  • Tips for budding musicians

Our Real Stories

We share our personal experiences with music, showing you how it shapes our lives. You’ll see real stories from real people who love music just like you.

Our Beliefs

We believe music can change lives. Our mission is to make music accessible and enjoyable for everyone. We aim to inspire and educate through our writing, helping you connect with music on a deeper level.

Why Trust Us

We promise to keep it real and honest. We share what works and what doesn’t, and we’re always here to answer your questions about music.

Join Us

At IMQ, we understand that life can get hectic, but we believe that music can make it better. That’s why we offer practical and straightforward advice to help you discover and enjoy music. We invite you to explore our articles and tips and start your musical journey with us. Our team is constantly learning and updating our content with the latest in music, so you can stay up-to-date and enjoy the best that music has to offer. We’re excited to have you join our community of music lovers!

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