Emerging Artists You Can’t Ignore in 2024

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The music scene in 2024 is coming alive with new emerging music artists. These musicians create fresh sounds and powerful lyrics, and push the boundaries of music, blend different styles and connect with audiences in new ways.

They come from different backgrounds, and their creativity is innovative. This group of young and talented people stands out for their creativity and passion. They will shape the world music scene in the coming years.

9. Arlo Parks

So I went to the M3F Fest in Phoenix a couple months ago on March 1st and 2nd. One of the acts I thought was really dope was this artist named Arlo Parks. She played on the Vista Stage, and her whole vibe was just so smooth and soulful, which was a nice break from all the crazy energy of the other bands and DJs at the festival.

Arlo sang a mix of her hit songs that I already knew, like “Cola” and “Too Good,” but she also did some stuff off her new album that I hadn’t heard before, like “Pegasus.” The whole crowd was eating it up, singing along and feeding off her awesome stage presence. Her delivery was so honest and raw, it was just a really memorable performance.

Compared to a lot of the other artists, Arlo Parks kind of stood out. Her sound was more laid-back, but it hit you right in the feels, you know? I left that set feeling hella relaxed, but also inspired. She’s definitely an artist I’m gonna keep an eye on going forward. For me, it was a good start to the music festival season in 2024.

She mixes indie rock, soul, and spoken word poetry into her songs. Arlo writes about things like mental health and who she is. Her voice is really soothing to listen to. Her debut album showed that she’s great at telling stories through music.

8. Baby Keem

This guy raps with so much energy! He combines old-school hip-hop beats with modern, innovative beats. This makes his music unique. Baby Keem’s lyrics often come from his own experiences in life. They feel real because of this. His song with Kendrick Lamar was fire – it showed off how talented he is at rapping.

7. PinkPantheress

She’s known for her alternative pop and electronic tunes. PinkPantheress has collaborated with artists like Willow Smith, making catchy tracks with different styles mixed together. Her songs blew up fast on TikTok after she started sharing them. Her debut project has nostalgic and modern sounds that many people dig.

6. Billie Marten

Environmental themes are often what Billie writes about. Her lyrics encourage thinking about nature. Marten’s voice is gentle when she sings and plays acoustic guitar. This creates a calm, thoughtful vibe. Her latest album explores resilience and growth, appealing to folk and indie music fans.

5. Lil Simz

Race, identity and other important topics are what Lil Simz raps about. Her lyrics and storytelling really make an impact by shedding light on these issues. Simz’s confident delivery and intricate rhymes set her apart from others in the genre. Her album received praise for its bold, thoughtful message.

4. Holly Humberstone

She blends pop, rock and folk into her music. Holly’s songwriting and versatility attract a wide audience. Her raw, honest lyrics really connect with listeners on a deep level. Her EP demonstrated her talent for crafting heartfelt, relatable tunes.

3. Remi Wolf

Remi’s music mixes funk, soul and pop for an eclectic sound. Her vibrant personality and catchy songs have earned many fans. Her debut album has upbeat tracks alongside more introspective ballads. Remi puts on high-energy, engaging live shows that people enjoy.

2. Laufey

She started by sharing her jazz-inspired songs on TikTok. This led to Laufey gaining lots of followers fast. Her soothing voice and vintage style set her apart. Her debut album features original songs plus classic jazz covers that she puts her spin on.

1. Flo Milli

Flo Milli’s bold, confident rap style has earned her dedicated fans. Her lively performances and catchy hooks make her stand out. Her debut mixtape was praised for its fresh, fearless message. Flo often explores empowerment and self-assurance in her music. That is why she is number one on my list of Emerging Music Artists.

She was inspired by artists like Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne. Burst on the scene in 2019, while still a student at Clark Atlanta University, with “Beef (FloMix)” which went viral on TikTok


Emerging Music Artists in 2024 are really changing music for the better. Their creativity, innovation, and messages make them stand out. By blending genres, collaborating, and addressing important issues, they are leaving a big impact. Their work reflects the diversity and energy of today’s music industry, promising an exciting future for listeners and musicians alike. These artists are definitely ones to watch – I think they’ll go far!

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